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When Fried Fatback and Gravy Seemed Innocent

While dining at one of my favorite restaurants I noticed something new added to the menu. Read more

Excited to be here!

As the new general manager of your newspaper, I first want to thank everyone in the Bainbridge community for their warm welcome and hospitality towards ... Read more

It’s Never Too Early To Be Thankful

Pardon me for stating the obvious but 2020 has been a dumper of a year and I can’t wait to see it in the rearview ... Read more

So Thankful for Those Little Teeth Marks!

A few days ago our oldest daughter told me that her clothes dryer was not heating. Read more

The Georgia woods that could have been

One of the things I love about Georgia is the wildlife. Read more

Voter Fraud Accusations Nothing New in Georgia

You’ve got to love Georgia Republicans. They are more fun than a roomful of puppies. Read more

And Then She Busted Through the Door!

Everything was moving along as usual at church last Sunday morning: we greeted each other, we enjoyed several hymns together, we prayed, and gave our ... Read more

When the counting is done

Every vote counts. That is what every student is taught throughout their education. Read more

The First Thanksgiving Wasn’t Easy

One of my prayers for the rest of the year is that we can find a way to be thankful and celebrate, with joy, as ... Read more

No Sun, No Stars, but Plenty of Hope

When neither sun nor stars appeared for many days and the storm continued raging, we finally gave up all hope of being saved” (Acts 27:20, ... Read more

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