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It’s Time to Get Rid of Some Stuff

It’s amazing (and a bit disgusting) to me how things accumulate around our house. Things are brought in in small quantities then the accumulation over ... Read more

Grass Growing Weather

With the daily rains and the high temperatures and humidity, it looks like you could cut your grass in the cool of the morning and ... Read more

Granddaddy John

Actually, I never had a Grandaddy John. However, my mother has a great friend named Bonnie, who had a stepfather named John. The children of ... Read more

The 4th of Forever

The 4th of July is a very important date to my family for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, we celebrate the founding of ... Read more

My Acting Debut

As with many stories we write about here at The Post-Searchlight, I’m often reminded of a time in my youth when something similar happened. This ... Read more

Remembering the past while focused on the future

Hard to believe that it has been six months since I lost my soulmate, my anchor, my best friend. In some ways, it seems like ... Read more

An All Around All Star of a Man

This past weekend, we celebrated Father’s Day. While Father’s Day is typically only for your immediate father, step-father and grandfather, I want to take time ... Read more

Didn’t Know I Was So Fashionable

We called them blue jeans and I guess my favorite brand was Levis. I don’t wear blue jeans too much anymore and, if I did, ... Read more

Pass the Peas, Please

My wife, Mary Lou, and I were sitting out on the front porch with our neighbors a few days ago. ML and I had been ... Read more

Thanks, I Needed That

With a title like “Thanks, I Needed That,” you might imagine a little Mennen Skin Bracer. Remember that commercial? Probably not, but that’s what the ... Read more

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