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Life is Sometimes Unfair

With all the girls we have in our family, there is no shortage of drama. Gale and I got a fresh reminder of that last ... Read more

A Solar Panel Sandwich

For many, many decades a southwestern drive on State Highway 97 from Bainbridge to the Florida line, during this time of the year, would bring ... Read more

The Money Pit is Robbing Me!

Are you familiar with the term “money pit”? I’m pretty sure I have one! To be sure that my understanding of money pit is the ... Read more

The George Washington of Talk Radio

Millions of people liked Rush Limbaugh. I’m pretty sure that millions didn’t like him. I did. When I would be on the road and it ... Read more

Medicine and Prayer

The sports medicine clinic was widely known and on the cutting edge of the medical field as it related to athletes. On a single day ... Read more

The Power of Light

It was not coincidental or by accident that God orchestrated things as He did when He created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1 provides ... Read more

What is Your Most Valuable Treasure?

I have an old car that is almost twenty years old that seems to have done its duty and is ready for the junk yard. ... Read more

Bainbridge Weather Worldwide

I get a weather “alert” on my cell phone every morning. It tells me the temperature as I am waking up. This morning, it informed ... Read more

Lessons from A Backyard Swing

I am not always right in my expectations of things, but once in a while I get it right. I expected that Christmas would be ... Read more

Make Sure You Are the Real Thing!

Gale and I both agree that we need to eat less candy, but putting our intentions into practice is often a challenging task. We made ... Read more

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