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What a Weekend!

After a lot of thought, I recently came to the conclusion that, after many years of service, it was time for me to retire from ... Read more

I Called Him Coach

He was born David Clark Mosely, but say the name “Butch” and everybody knew who you were talking about. It was different for me, though. ... Read more

The Best Hamburger in the World

I could profess to have some credibility in this area. My brother, Ernest, and I built, owned, and operated 38 Hardee’s Restaurants. Many might say ... Read more

Double Standard

It wasn’t long ago when the work of Boards of Education was never scrutinized. The people who served on the boards might have even desired ... Read more

The road to nowhere

The hot mineral springs were discovered when the Sealy brothers were drilling for oil in the 1920’s just below Cottonwood, Alabama, my boyhood home. They ... Read more

Dependable 100% of the Time

I recall many years ago when I often used one of my granddaddy’s tractors to do my garden work. It was an old rusty M ... Read more

When Whoppers Become Lies

I think everybody enjoys a good whopper and I’m not talking about a hamburger. I’m talking about those tales, stories, and probably lies. A whopper ... Read more

Row, row, row your boat

I always put a note card and a pen in my shirt pocket when I head to church. I might jot down the name of ... Read more

A Thief in the Palm of the Hand

Perhaps I am a bit out of touch with reality, but the modern electronic devices that seem to have taken over our world do not ... Read more

And the hits keep on coming

In the movie A Few Good Men, the Tom Cruise character, Lt. Daniel Kaffee, says, “And the hits keep on coming.” What does he mean? ... Read more

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