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Be Still and Wait Patiently

While hurrying to get back home one morning last week, the words of a song on the radio caught my attention. It was not a ... Read more

There is no script

It was almost 10 years after we met in Junior High School. My best friend had become my girlfriend and that day we walked across ... Read more

Say click, take a pic

Yesterday, I received the Bainbridge High School Class of 2021’s senior pictures for our graduation booklet and it reminded me a bit of some of ... Read more

Some reflections on standing in the need of prayer

Not my brother, not my sister, but it’s me, O Lord, standing in the need of prayer. It’s me, it’s me, O Lord, standing in ... Read more

What Is That on the Back Seat?

I recall an adventure I had one day when I stopped at an elderly lady’s house for a visit. I parked in her driveway as ... Read more

Hard Work in America

When I was young boy working on the farm, we had a saying about hard work. The name of someone who wasn’t known for his ... Read more

If it were all just that simple

Many things in life come in twos or threes. You never have one child get a cold. You almost never sneeze just once. I even ... Read more

The Joy of Fishing in the Rain

Among the things that Addy got as Christmas gifts last year was fishing gear—rod and reel, tackle box, and various pieces of fishing supplies. She ... Read more

The American Dingbat

The American dingbat is an unusual animal. It may have been discovered before the great situational comedy of the 1970’s, All in the Family, but ... Read more

Play Ball

In the past four days, I have seen five sporting events. I attended my first Auburn Softball Game which was an awesome experience even though ... Read more

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